SmartFoxServer 2X was installed successfully and is now up and running!

Before proceeding, please make sure you are using the latest version by visiting the updates section of the SmartFoxServer website.


Launch the Administration Tool 2X (default username & password: sfsadmin).


Visit the SmartFoxServer 2X online documentation.


Basic package

The basic examples package allows you to rapidly put SmartFoxServer 2X in action.
In order to install the examples follow these steps:

  1. download the Basic examples package
  2. unzip the content in the [SFS2X_install_folder]SFS2X/www/root/examples folder, overwriting the existing file

After completing the installation, visit the examples main page.

IMPORTANT: SmartFoxServer 2X is by default distributed with a predefined Zone used by the basic examples, and a server-side extension used by the Tris game. If you want to keep your installation clean (usually for production environments) you should delete the content of the [SFS2X_install_folder]SFS2X/extensions and zones folders before installing your own Zone/s and Extension/s.

Full packages

The full examples packages for all supported platforms can be downloaded from the SmartFoxServer website's download page. A complete set of tutorials with detailed deployment instructions for each example is also available in the dedicated sections of the online documentation.